Have you or a loved one been involved in a car wreck or 18 Wheeler accident?  ​Car wrecks and 18 Wheeler accidents happen on a daily basis.  If you have been in a rear-end crash, a head-on collision, or a car wreck in general, then contact Khalaf & Nguyen.  In a split second, a car wreck can change your life.  It may be difficult to move on past the accident.  The bills can quickly pile up and the creditors may begin to call you.  

If you are in a car wreck, then there is some important information that you will need to provide your attorney:  Address, phone number, detail regarding vehicle repair, photographs, medical bills, information about your job, and receipts.   Here are some tips that you can follow if you are involved in a car wreck:

Safety First:  Check for injuries.  

Call 911:  Wait for the police and emergency personnel to arrive.  Once the police arrive, make sure to write down the police report number and the name of the police officers on the scene.   

Exchange Information:  Write down each driver's name, phone number, address, license plate number, driver's license number, description of the vehicles involved (make, year, model, etc.), all involved parties' insurance information and policy number.

Take Pictures:  Take photos of the entire accident scene from different angles.  Make sure to take photos of each vehicle (even if there is no damage).  If possible, take photos of each person involved in the accident.

Witnesses' Information:  Gather the name and contact information (phone number and address) of each individual who witnessed the accident. Ask each witness to explain to the police what they saw.

Do Not Discuss Fault:  Do not ever admit fault to the police or to any other driver.  Just explain to the police what happened.  The attorneys and insurance companies determine who was at fault.

Personal Record:  Take all of the information that was gathered and make a personal record.  Write down as many facts as possible, such as the weather (sunny, rainy, cloudy, day, night), road conditions, diagram of how the accident happened, and other useful information.

Protect Your Legal Rights:  Immediately contact an attorney, especially if there were injuries.  An experienced attorney can deal with the insurance company and can protect your legal rights.  Remember that all insurance companies have their own attorneys.


A Mississippi personal injury attorney from our team can represent you in your claim against the insurance company.   Our team stands ready to fight for the financial compensation that you need.  

Take the first step and contact Khalaf & Nguyen for a FREE initial case evaluation.  We will review the circumstances of your car wreck.  Our goal is to assist in recovering the largest possible settlement for your insurance claim, and our firm may even take your case to a jury trial in the event the insurance refuses to pay a fair settlement amount.     

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